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Contact Info

This is where you can get the information you need to stay in touch with family.
 - Addresses
 - Phone Numbers
 - Email Addresses (click to send)
 - Other - Email, Cell Phone, etc.

Please see bottom of page for information on updating your information and how to use your email.



List is Alphabetized by Family

How to use your account

As you can see, you all have aliases under your first name.  What this means is that you now can use "Yourname"@Parmacek.com as a valid email address.   Any email message sent to " Yourname"@Parmacek.com will be forwarded to your current email account in use, provided you have supplied me with the Email address you wish to have it forwarded to.    

IE  Margo@Parmacek.com gets forwarded to Marimba@aol.com

Note: You do not have accounts on the Parmacek server.   When an email is forwarded it spends literally no time on the server.  It is a pass through system only.  I am not going to hold copies of any emails, so do not ask for email backups.  This is only a service so that you can use "YourName"@Parmacek.com as an address forever.

When you change your primary email addresses, just let me know and I will have the "Yourname"@Parmacek.com email forwarded to your new email address and account.  This way you do not ever have to worry about changing an email address with hundreds of people.   

For more information on this CLICK HERE


POP Accounts are available.

For those of you who wish POP server access call me.  Contact me for more information.


Use these accounts in good health.  

Just so you know, I have prepaid the domain hosting for 10 years.  No worries.


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